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Partner with HOTSTART to solve your battery thermal management needs for your energy storage system or electric commercial vehicle.

Keep energy storage systems or commercial electric vehicles delivering power with battery thermal management solutions from HOTSTART.

The future of power generation and transportation is evolving quickly towards battery-centric systems. For on-demand power, energy storage systems need their batteries to stay cool while delivering clean, stable energy to end users. Battery-powered heavy duty/commercial vehicles are the zero-emission transportation answer for users looking to reduce dependency on conventional fuels. HOTSTART thermal management solutions are designed to keep batteries optimized for performance, longevity and safety.

For over 75 years, HOTSTART has worked with major OEMs to provide high quality, circulating systems that solve heat transfer issues and optimize overall equipment performance. Our expertise makes us the ideal partner to provide custom-designed and manufactured battery thermal management systems.

Battery thermal management solutions for energy storage and electric vehicles

tell us about your project

James Hunt, P.E.

Sales Engineer—Battery Thermal Management



Active thermal management benefits include:

Help prevent thermal runaway and fire risk

Address overheating at its source—the battery—and efficiently transfer excess heat away before it’s too late.

Maximize charging and discharging cycles

A battery is only as good as the power it stores—boost available power by maximizing battery charging and discharging cycles.

Increase overall battery life

Prolong the life of your energy storage system and get a greater return on your investment in clean energy.

Maintain performance in various environments

Circulating liquid cooling systems respond to temperature requirements in real time as ambient temperatures fluctuate.